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6 Tech Tips for a Fun, Festive 4th of July

Read time: 2 mins.

Smart lighting, music, Wi-Fi, and more can turn your
backyard into the perfect spot for a patriotic party.

A huge fireworks display may not be happening in your community this year, but there’s no reason to forgo an Independence Day celebration. Technology can transform your backyard into a sensational spot to settle in with some patriotic tunes, fire up the grill, and shoot off a few of your own firecrackers. Invite friends, family, and neighbors for a fun, festive evening that just might become a new 4th of July tradition. Here are some tips to observe the holiday in high-tech style.   


App Controllable Lighting

Fireworks look best at night, so turn off the outdoor lights. There’s no need to leave the party to hit the switch when you can do this right from the app on your smartphone. You’ll just need to swap the existing light switch for an intelligent model and set up the commands—a simple task for the professionals at Buday’s. They’ll have your outdoor (and indoor) lights ready in an afternoon. Bonus: You can create lighting scenes for outdoor activities besides fireworks viewing. Illuminate a pathway to lead guests from the front door to the back patio, accentuate the swimming pool and landscaping, and brighten the outdoor dining area. 

Outdoor Music 

Your 4th of July party favors should include outdoor speakers pumping out a patriotic playlist. Buday’s can outfit your patio, deck, and yard with the proper assortment and positioning of weather-hardy speakers, curate a great compilation of songs (Born in the U.S.A., R.O.C.K. in the USA, American Pie, Surfin’ USA, plus crowd-favorites like Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffet), and configure your smartphone to skip through tracks and adjust the volume, plus expand your Wi-Fi coverage (see Tip 6) so that commands travel without a hitch.  

Virtual Welcome Mat

Know when your guests arrive without having to man the front door. A sensor planted alongside the driveway can trip a light to flash or a chime to sound. Alternatively, mount a video doorbell near the front door. When a guest “rings” the bell, your smartphone will also ring. Combining a video camera and microphone, the doorbell lets you see who’s there and invite them to join the party—all from your smartphone. Even if you run out to buy more drinks, the video doorbell can still reach you.

Swimming Pool Setup

If you suspect the party will progress to the swimming pool, now’s the time to automate it. Several brands of pool control systems can be integrated with home control devices, enabling you to adjust the jets and lighting from a smartphone app. As the celebration comes to a close, one tap can put the pool back to its normal operating mode. 

Bug-Free Zone

Mosquitoes are bound to crash the party, but like your own personal bouncer, a motorized insect screen installed around your patio can bid them adieu. Like everything else on this 4th of July party list, the screen can roll up and down at the tap of a button. Keep the screen open while the sun’s out; close it at dusk for a bug-free environment. 

Backyard Wi-Fi

All of the amazingly simple modes of control listed above work best when there’s stable Wi-Fi reception outdoors. Extenders and wireless access points can be added to ensure that signals from your smartphone travel trouble-free to all your new smart home devices. Your guests will appreciate having a strong connection, too.