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Ed Buday, Founder

At the heart of our company’s ethos lies a single word that encapsulates our mission: “Simplified.”

It’s not just a title within our company name; it’s our goal to create a simplified lifestyle for homeowners, the second they step into the realm of their home.

Our aspiration is nothing short of crafting an exquisite symphony of technology that elegantly simplifies household management. We’re on a journey to seamlessly weave advanced innovations into the very fabric of living spaces, harmonizing effortlessly with homeowners’ unique design sensibilities while preserving the very essence that defines their home’s character.

Buday’s Home Electronic Simplified embodies a deep-rooted commitment to delivering state-of-the-art home technology solutions.

Our president and owner, Ed Buday, began his tech journey in his youth when he assisted his father with television antenna installations. Over time, his skillset grew, stretching into satellite dish installations and cable TV setups right alongside his father.

Ed’s profound grasp of technology and dedication to top-notch customer service inspired him to establish Buday’s Home Electronics Simplified in 2003. Buday’s has provided homeowners in Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana with the best smart home technology solutions now for over 20 years.

Buday’s is bolstered by a seasoned design and installation team, infusing expertise into an array of intelligent home technologies, meticulously crafted to exude aesthetic allure and effortless control—a harmony accessible to every member of a household. Adapting to evolving technologies, our technicians undergo continuous training and education to stay ahead of trends. We reinforce our work with exceptional support and service tailored to homeowners’ convenience and timelines, causing minimal disruption.

Whether you’re seeking a speedy and dependable wired/wireless local area network, an impressive home theater, automated lighting and shading, or a reassuring home monitoring system, Buday’s has the answer. Our solutions enhance and elevate home life by bringing simplicity and enjoyment, all while reducing the requirement for extra remotes and devices.

In fact, through our expertly designed and customized home tech solutions, one app gives homeowners complete control of their home’s features—lights and thermostats, AV equipment, security cameras, and more. Say “goodbye” to digital clutter and “hello” to convenience in the palm of your hand thanks to Buday’s.

We’ve teamed up with the best brands in the industry and are backed by numerous industry certifications from esteemed organizations, including the Home Technology Association (HTA). When you choose Buday’s, you can be confident that you’ll receive top-tier design, service, installation, and support from a leading home systems firm.

At Buday’s, the fusion of unparalleled customer service, masterful design, and impeccable installation proficiency culminates to not only simplify but elevate home experiences—this is the very essence of our business ethos, and your journey to reimagined living begins here.

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