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Back to School Tips for At-Home Learning Through Simplified Technology

What does “back to school” look like for you? Will you be sending your kids to the classroom or homeschooling? Regardless of how your school district plans to proceed, virtual learning will likely comprise a large part of the curriculum … and that means technology designed and installed to foster efficiency, productivity, and simplicity. Professionally…
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3 Ways to Smarten Up Your Front Door

Whether you’re trying to make a good first impression or heighten your home security, there’s no better place to focus your attention than on the front door. It’s a prime area for break-ins and the first spot visitors see. It makes sense, then, that manufacturers have developed many useful technologies to make the front door…
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6 Tech Tips for a Fun, Festive 4th of July

Smart lighting, music, Wi-Fi, and more can turn your backyard into the perfect spot for a patriotic party. A huge fireworks display may not be happening in your community this year, but there’s no reason to forgo an Independence Day celebration. Technology can transform your backyard into a sensational spot to settle in with some…
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5 Smart Father’s Day Gifts

Home electronics are hot, so warm Dad’s heart with an intelligent device he can enjoy year-round. Ditch the tired ol’ necktie this year. Dad is way cooler than that. For Father’s Day this year, spring for an intelligent electronic device that he can enjoy from the comfort of his own home. Whether Dad is a…
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Whole-house entertainment systems deliver music and video elegantly to speakers and TVs throughout the house

Your house has multiple rooms and you spend your days and evenings moving through them. Why shouldn’t music and video move with you?  Your household also has multiple family members. Why should you all listen to and watch the same thing? More so than ever before, families crave an easy, reliable, and versatile way to…
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Window Treatments

Intelligent lighting and motorized shading add elegance and convenience to your home

Intelligent lighting and motorized shading enhance a home’s décor and design more than any other technology. Integrated to operate in perfect unison, they can accentuate a home’s unique architectural features while conserving energy and preserving your privacy. Plus, because they can be adjusted automatically or on command from a remote, smartphone app, or even a…
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An intelligent home automation system synchronizes and simplifies the operation of every electronic system in your home

Think about how you interact with your home on a daily basis: You adjust lights, tweak the settings of thermostats, turn on and off TVs and music systems, lock and unlock doors, open and close shades, and the list goes on. What if you could control everything from one app on your smartphone or a…
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Home Monitoring Solutions Deliver Peace of Mind

Ideally suited for families with busy lifestyles, a home monitoring system provides priceless peace of mind that everything is okay while you’re at the office, traveling, or taking in some well-deserved R&R on vacation. Thankfully, there are a host of smart devices that can be easily added to your home to notify you of potential…
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A custom-designed home theater gives you a front-row seat to the best movies in town

The larger-than-life screen, the thump-in-your-chest audio, the fade-to-black lights: It’s an environment you’ve come to expect every time you step into a commercial cinema. Today, there’s no reason you can’t recreate this movie magic in your own home. A custom-designed home theater gives the entire family a place to unwind and relax while watching blockbuster…
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