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8K Home Entertainment

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Upgrade your main media system now with a complete, professionally installed 8K entertainment package.

You’ve likely seen or read about 8K televisions. Packed with an amazing assortment of advanced imaging technologies, they produce brighter, more vivid, and realistic pictures than 4K or 1080p TVs. And while there’s currently not much 8K video content available to watch, it’s still a great time step up to an 8K TV (read about 8K TVs here).

There’s no denying the video produced by an 8K TV is better, but there’s more to creating an 8K experience in your family room than buying a big 8K TV, bringing it home, and plugging it in. Buday’s understands all the intricacies and nuances behind 8K. We’ve been following the trend closely, and through our years of experience designing, customizing, and installing complete AV systems in luxury homes, we understand what it takes to turn the hype surrounding 8K into reality in your home. It’s more than a new TV, it’s more than a great picture, it’s everything from the button you press on the remote control to the placement of the surround-sound speakers. When you’re ready to upgrade to an 8K TV or just want to learn more about our systems approach to the technology, Buday’s is here to help—minus the hype. In the meantime, this primer explains the steps involved in having not just an 8K TV, but a complete 8K entertainment system.

The TV—Massive Amounts of Technology

If you’ve ever looked at the endless list of specifications of 8K TVs, you’ve probably left the store scratching your head. High Dynamic Range, picture resolution, frames per second, wide color gamut–what do they all mean? Well, they mean a lot, as these are the technologies combine to create the amazing image on the screen. Fortunately, there’s no need to dig deep into their meanings. However, there are other important elements you should be aware of—elements that Buday’s can provide to make your 8K experience the best it can be.

What are You Watching:
Blu-Ray, Streaming, Something Else?

What’s feeding content to your 8K TV? A Blu-ray disc player? A streaming media device? Different products process video in different ways, and this affects how an 8K TV renders the image. For example, the colors of content delivered from a Blu-Ray disc player might look more muted than you recalled seeing at the store. Don’t be alarmed. This is common for all TVs, not just 8K models. Every component of an AV system—even the lighting conditions of your home—can impact the picture. TV settings like brightness, contrast, and color accuracy will likely need to be adjusted. Buday’s will analyze your AV system and the room environment to calibrate the settings of your 8K TV perfectly.

Is Your Cabling Up to Snuff?

You can have the newest, most sophisticated 8K TV on the planet, but if the cabling that connects your streaming device, Blu-ray Disc player, gaming console, etc. to the TV is outdated, 8K signal transmission suffers. Technologies that make 8K so amazing—wide color spectrum, high dynamic range, etc.—can only travel on a higher quality cable. The Ultra-High-Speed HDMI 2.1 cabling that fully supports 8K signals is still under development and needs to be certified before we can install it, but in the meantime, Buday’s can clean up the cabling you have, improve your streaming connections to the Internet, and remedy any transmission problems.

Immersive Audio

The whole point of transitioning to 8K is to enjoy a higher-quality viewing and listening experience. In addition to an 8K TV, 8K programming, and better cabling. you’ll need an AV receiver that supports object-based surround-sound technologies like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, plus five or more speakers. In a “standard” surround-sound setup, audio reaches your ears from speakers placed at the front, sides, and back of the room. Dolby Atmos and DTS:X add sound from speakers on the ceiling—making the audio as realistic as 8K video. Proper positioning of these speakers is critical to producing a 3D effect, and one of Buday’s specialties.

Hassle-Free 8K Home Entertainment

From product selection and configuration to installation and ongoing service and support, Buday’s can provide your family with a complete 8K home entertainment system. With zero shopping hassles, you can relax and leave the job to Buday’s. As your technology resource, we’re here to guide you through the process and deliver an AV experience to enjoy throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Want to learn more about 8K or hear and see how it can improve your home entertainment experience? Drop us an email at ed@budays.net or call 269-492-1008, option 2 to schedule an appointment.