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Back to School Tips for At-Home Learning Through Simplified Technology

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What does “back to school” look like for you? Will you be sending your kids to the classroom or homeschooling? Regardless of how your school district plans to proceed, virtual learning will likely comprise a large part of the curriculum … and that means technology designed and installed to foster efficiency, productivity, and simplicity. Professionally installed and simplified for your needs, technologies including a fast, reliable Wi-Fi network, comfortable lighting, and engaging video can inspire and encourage learning from home. These high-tech additions are also beneficial for your work-at-home needs. Here are a few additions we recommend: 

Professionally Installed Home Network

Wi-Fi traffic will be at an all-time high in your home when school resumes—what with your entire family working and studying simultaneously from your respective computers. Can the current local area network (LAN) inside your home support all of this activity? Probably not without some major bandwidth bottlenecks. What you need it better networking equipment. Able to handle heavy Wi-Fi usage, a technologically advanced, professionally installed system ensures that the entire family can learn and work efficiently. And when you’re ready for some downtime, the network ably supports streaming of high-resolution entertainment content.   

Intelligent Lighting

As kids head to their home computers rather than classroom desks for instruction, they’ll be spending a lot of time in front of a screen. A lighting control system can help minimize eye strain and fatigue, enhance productivity, and create a comfortable learning and working environment. Installing dimmers can make a huge difference. By tying the dimmers to a professionally installed control system, the lights can set themselves; for example, adjusting automatically to a proper intensity level between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Keep a handheld remote on the desk to conveniently dim and brighten the lights on a whim.  

Interactive Displays 

Lessons, presentations, and collaboration are always more engaging when viewed on a big screen. Consider adding a smart display to work and learning spaces. Plus, it’s a great “get-away” from a small computer screen, helping kids stay on task and interested. When the school day comes to a close, the entire family can use the display for gaming and viewing movies, documentaries, and more. Of course, you’ll want the display positioned and calibrated properly by a professional so that it’s easy to see from the main viewing location. 

Leverage a Better Learning Environment

Being a student has never been more challenging. The right technology installed by a professional can help grade-schoolers through undergraduates adapt to new modes of learning. These same solutions are also useful to family members who are working from home. The design and installation team at Buday’s understands the challenges you’re facing and can deliver simplified technology that’s secure, dependable, and enjoyable—whether you’re learning, working, relaxing, or entertaining.