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3 Ways to Smarten Up Your Front Door

Read time: 2 mins.

Whether you’re trying to make a good first impression or heighten your home security, there’s no better place to focus your attention than on the front door. It’s a prime area for break-ins and the first spot visitors see. It makes sense, then, that manufacturers have developed many useful technologies to make the front door more appealing, functional, and secure. Some of the best investments include controllable lighting, an elegant video doorbell, and keyless door lock.  

These intelligent devices are relatively simple to install and easy to control from your smartphone or tablet, so why not add this to your list of home improvements? Buday’s can recommend the perfect products and install them in an afternoon. You’ll be able to lock the door, see who’s knocking, and illuminate the entryway all with the convenience of a finger tap. 

What else can you do with these front-door additions? 

Controllable Lighting Combines Brains and Beauty

Nobody likes to approach a dark home. Exterior lighting that’s automated to brighten the area around the front door makes a home instantly more welcoming. You’ll want to stagger the activation times, though. Lights that follow a predictable schedule—like turning on every day at dusk and off at dawn–make your home appear as if it’s unoccupied and, therefore, more attractive to intruders.  

Having the ability to control the lights from an app delivers additional benefits. If you’re returning home “past curfew,” you can switch them on as you pull into the driveway. The same goes if you hear a strange “bump in the night.” Just grab your phone from the nightstand, tap a button, and illuminate the entryway. 


Keyless Door Lock Keeps Tabs of Visitors

A bright entryway is useful when you’re fumbling with your house keys. But there’s an even better way to deal with the front door—an intelligent, keyless door lock. Installed in place of a standard lock, it allows you to unlock and lock the door by punching a code into an integrated keypad, or easier still, from an app on your smartphone. And gone are the days of handing out keys to trusted friends, family, neighbors, and housekeepers. Instead, you can grant each a temporary code, place restrictions on those codes, and override them at any time. 

Plus, you’ll always know who’s come and gone, thanks to the text message your door lock sends you whenever someone disengages and engages the lock. 

Video Doorbell—A Virtual Peephole 

Just like a standard doorbell, a video doorbell emits a chime when a visitor presses its button. This works well when you’re in earshot … and can use the peephole to assess who’s standing at the front door. But more often than not, you’re in the backyard, on a business call, out running errands, or away on a trip. Here’s where a video doorbell comes in handy. When engaged, the doorbell transmits a chime to your smartphone and the speakers of your audio system. From your phone, you can converse with and see your guests through the doorbell’s built-in microphone and camera. If you’d like to welcome the visitor inside, switch over to your phone’s door lock controls and open the door. 

If you’ve been considering adding technology to your home, why not start at the front door? The benefits extend well beyond the threshold, giving you a convenient, effective, and simple way to manage and protect your household.