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5 Smart Father’s Day Gifts

Read time: 2 mins.

Home electronics are hot, so warm Dad’s heart with an intelligent device he can enjoy year-round.
Ditch the tired ol’ necktie this year. Dad is way cooler than that. For Father’s Day this year, spring for an intelligent electronic device that he can enjoy from the comfort of his own home. Whether Dad is a music fan, prefers to watch sports in his spare time, finds joy in gardening, or simply deserves some R&R, these 5 smart devices—when professionally installed by Buday’s—are sure to please.

1. TV-Skimming Soundbar
If Dad detests clutter but likes great audio, hang a soundbar to the bottom lip of his favorite TV. This single speaker does the job of the left, right, and center channel of a surround-sound system, eliminating the need for three separate speakers placed at the front of the room. The soundbar looks great, sounds amazing, frees up floor space, and can even be mounted to an outdoor TV.

2. More Wi-Fi Hotspots
Are Wi-Fi dropouts, dead zones, and a slow-moving downloads Dad nuts? There’s a simple solution that will have him surfing the Net and streaming the big game from anywhere in the house—even the backyard. A professionally installed, high-quality networking system provides stable, even Wi-Fi coverage—and protects laptops, smartphones, and other Wi-Fi connected devices from cyberhackers.

3. Nature-Seeking Security Camera
When aimed at the wooded lot, birdfeeders, or other places deer, squirrels, robins, and wildlife frequent, a security camera delivers a view of all the action—right to the palm of Dad’s hand (his smartphone). Choose a motorized camera so he can zoom-in for a closer look. The same smartphone app used to see the action live can take a snapshot and even record the activity to watch later.

4. Adjustable Mood Lighting
Back in the day, Dad might have plugged in a lava lamp for ambiance, but today, there’s a much more elegant solution. A remote-controllable dimmer switch lets him easily set the intensity of the room lights for all of his favorite past times: watching sports, reading, napping, entertaining family, or playing poker with his buddies. One press of a button is all it takes to get the room looking just right.


5. Trick Out the Gym, Workshop, Den, or Deck
Pull out all the stops and outfit Dad’s favorite hangout with technology: big-screen TV with soundbar, controllable lighting, speakers, and more. If his favorite spot happens to be somewhere outside, weatherproof options are available, including displays bright enough to see in the sunshine and hardy enough to stay outdoors year-round. Most of this tech can be controlled from a smartphone app, so whether he’s tinkering under the hood of a car, jogging on the treadmill, or having a nightcap on the deck, he’ll be in complete control.