Intelligent lighting and motorized shading enhance a home’s décor and design more than any other technology. Integrated to operate in perfect unison, they can accentuate a home’s unique architectural features while conserving energy and preserving your privacy. Plus, because they can be adjusted automatically or on command from a remote, smartphone app, or even a verbal request, they’re so much easier to operate than traditional light switches and shades with pull cords. 

Setting the Mood

Attached to an aesthetically pleasing motorized housing, window treatments lift, lower and traverse left and right to preset positions. They can be synchronized to start and stop in unison, lining up perfectly across the window to complement a home’s clean, modern design. Intelligent lighting can enhance the effect by dimming and brightening to just the right intensity level. One command initiated by pressing a button on a remote, smartphone or keypad, for example, can fade the lights and close the shades to prepare your family room for movie night. In the morning, the lights in the kitchen can activate as the shades open. 

Intelligent lighting can also be used to accentuate your home’s architectural features, artwork, or set the mood for a party, relaxation, dinnertime and other activities. Instead of manually adjusting each light, you can press a button or issue a voice command to have your house looking fabulous in seconds. 

A Sense of Security

No one likes to walk into a dark house. With intelligent lighting, you can activate whichever fixtures you want whenever you want—as you’re leaving work, during your commute, or as you’re walking up to the front door—simply by tapping a button on a smartphone app. And that’s not all. Tied to a control system, the lights can make your empty house look lived-in by turning on and off randomly, which is more realistic and convincing than if they were controlled by a simple timer. Motorized shading can elicit the same effect—lifting and lowering throughout the day to make it seem as if someone is home. 

Saving Electricity

When you dim the lights, they use less electricity, which means you’re saving energy. Traditional dimmer switches let you do this manually, but for greater convenience, an intelligent lighting system provides control over multiple dimmers from one place. This central command station could be a keypad on the wall, your smartphone, a remote control, or even your voice. These same controls can be used to operate the shades for greater energy savings. When the shades are down on a sunny day, solar gain is minimized, which means your home’s air conditioner can operate more efficiently. On the flip side, when the shades are up you can keep the room lights off, relying on the natural light from the sun to illuminate your home. The shades and lights can even adjust themselves automatically based on the time of day or the position of the sun.