Z9F Series Flat Panel TVJust when you think you’ve seen it all—a leader steps up and moves the bar even higher. That’s what Sony has done with its new Z9F series of XBR flat  panel TVs. For homeowners looking to upgrade or add a main viewing TV, this TV is the one to consider.

The picture-quality enhancements on these models blew my mind—and I’m not easily impressed!

Ideal for recreation rooms and large, open great rooms, the color accuracy, viewing angles, contrast, and motion-handling capabilities make Sony’s Z9F an incredible TV. No question about it: no matter what you like to watch, the MASTER Series TV delivers the best picture quality.

Sony created these TVs to exemplify and faithfully convey the creator’s intent on screen. Enhanced brightness with incredible contrast—and precise light levels in different parts of the screen based on what’s on the screen—result in a dramatic increase in contrast and visual WOW!

Z9F Flat Panel TVIntelligent processing. Ultimate realism.

Object-based rendering happens in real time at lightning speed, to remaster and upscale everything to near 4K HDR quality. Everything on the screen is identified, analyzed, and optimized to provide a picture that looks nearly identical to the real thing.

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