Are you struggling to decide what is best for you home, a Private Theater or Media Room? We can help. Let’s Compare!

A private theater is a dedicated room specifically designed to deliver the ultimate experience—superbly better than what a public cinema or stadium can offer. It is a customized space that delivers subtle audio nuances and stunning, lifelike video. Considerations include:

  • Isolation from outside noise
  • Lighting that can be controlled
  • Acoustics
  • Seating
  • Sightlines.

A private theater transports you and your family into the movie, concert, and program without any distractions (e.g., someone obstructing your view, faulty sound equipment, people talking and walking around, uncomfortable seats, water flowing through pipes or a loud HVAC system). A private theater requires the expertise of a professional and experienced team: a theater designer, architect, interior designer, contractor, audio/video specialist, and YOU. When completed, your private theater becomes a special place where movies, concerts (better than front row seats), and sporting events become memorable experiences. Call us today at 269-492-1008 or submit a contact request form, here.

Private Theater or Media Room

A media room is ideal if your home doesn’t have space to dedicate to a theater or if you prefer a family/entertainment-room vibe. A media room can be equipped with one large screen or multiple TVs, while offering people the ability to play games, talk, and socialize. In this type of space, you are more concerned about flow and providing access to multiple entertainment options. Seating is casual as viewers tend to come and go, versus sitting stationary for an entire movie, concert, or sporting event. Media rooms are fun, active spaces. Call us today at 269-492-1008 or click here to submit a contact request form.

Private Theater or Media Room

Time to Improve Your Private Theater and Media Room

Want stunning pictures? Upgrade to a new 4K projector. The detail and clarity are breathtaking. Call Buday’s at 269-492-1008 to schedule a viewing in our showroom.
Private Theater or Media Room

Illustrates the picture improvement provided with a 4K projector viewing 4K content.

Easy Upgrade to Superb Picture Quality

Just like with all technology, five years is a lifetime of change and improvements when it comes to projectors and picture quality. Most home theaters and media rooms that were installed five or more years ago feature what the industry terms “legacy” projectors; these projectors are simply “old” compared to what is available today.

If you’d like to see the difference, visit our showroom.

Viewing 4K Ultra HD content on a new projector delivers a stunning picture—in stark contrast to what legacy projectors are capable of. Today’s projectors have noticeably more resolution, detail, and color depth (source dependent).

It’s simply a matter of innovation.

Also, the projectors engineered today deliver more brightness and detail than earlier models, which means if you have a media room as opposed to a dedicated private theater, you will be able to see the picture better. Call Buday’s at 269-492-1008 to schedule a viewing and to learn about our trade-in and trade-up offers.

Private Theater or Media Room

A 4K projector.

Improve Your Speaker System and Add Acoustical Treatments

Sound is an integral part of any movie, concert, or sporting event. The development of Dolby Atmos has added a true height effect to surround sound, and for the first time, surround sound audio is getting much closer to being a three-dimensional experience.

To fully capture and enhance the audio in your private theater or media room, it may require the addition of more speakers and a new Dolby Atmos-capable surround sound pre-amplifier/receiver.

Private Theater or Media Room

Illustration of speaker placement for the ultimate audio experience.

Adding acoustical treatments, like wall panels, to a theater room can significantly improve the sound by removing distortion and enhancing the overall intelligibility of the audio. These features are easy to install and will make the experience more real and immersive.

Private Theater or Media Room Private Theater or Media Room

Acoustical treatments come in a variety of shapes, textures, and colors to best match the décor.

Comfortable Seating

After a long day at work, you deserve to put your feet up, relax, and get comfortable while watching TV. You should not have to endure a backache and stiffness after sitting in a hard chair, a squishy sofa, or a seat that fits someone else’s contours.

To truly enjoy a movie, sporting event, or concert in the privacy and comfort of your home, you need proper seating that meets your needs. You can select from a wide range of fabrics and colors; seat heights and widths; seating arrangements; armrests; a choice of sofas, sectionals, and lounges; motorization; lighting; and more.
Contact Buday’s at 269-492-1008 to visit our showroom and experience the possibilities. If you fall asleep, we promise to wake you!

Private Theater or Media Room Private Theater or Media Room





The selection for comfortable seating is almost endless.

Control Your Space

Tired of using multiple remotes or having to locate the family “expert” just to enjoy your TV or music system? Today’s technology makes control and operation simple, easy, and convenient. From voice control; sleek, handheld remote controls; and using apps on your mobile devices, Buday’s has a solution to fit your lifestyle.

Voice Control: Have Alexa do the Work!
Want the volume adjusted or the channel changed? Maybe it’s time for lights out. Voice control adds a Wow! factor to your entertainment options and smart home experience. Buday’s can help you get full use out of Alexa. Call us today at 269-492-1008 or click here to submit a contact request form.
Private Theater or Media RoomPrivate Theater or Media Room
Put Alexa to work for you! Buday’s can help you enjoy optimum performance with voice-activated control.

Handheld Controls

If you prefer being hands-on, sleek remote controls with video displays are available. This feature makes it easy to select your streaming source and favorite channels.

These remote controls let you easily switch sources and channels.

When operating your private theater or media room, the experts at Buday’s suggest using an iPad or tablet. The larger screen on these devices affords more space to display your favorite TV-channel icons, movie services, musicians, song titles, etc.

Call us today at 269-492-1008 or click here to submit a contact request form.




Private Theater or Media Room

Using an iPad or tablet brings your favorite movies to you at the touch of a button.

Control Away from Home

Once you’ve made your home theater smarter, it becomes easier to utilize smart-home technology. Mobile devices, like smartphones, iPads, and laptops, offer access and control of smart home technology—including lighting, security, music systems, and HVAC—when you are inside your home and also when you are away. Buday’s specializes in integrating the networks throughout your home, including enhancing the Wi-Fi connection so you experience fewer spinning circles and a stronger signal. Call us today at 269-492-1008 or click here to submit a contact us request form.

Private Theater or Media Room





Are you still wondering which is best for you, a private theater or media room? Contact us today and we’ll help you decide which one fits best for you.