Smart Mirrors

The queen in Snow White had nothing when it comes to smart mirrors.

Today’s smart home technology allows you to check so much more than “who’s the fairest of them all”—like the weather, news, emails, and other online sources from the convenience of your bathroom mirror.

That’s right. After Buday’s trained and experienced technicians install a Seura smart mirror in your home, you will be able to easily and efficiently start your day without having to turn on your phone, TV, or laptop. Say goodbye to guessing what outfits to dress yourself or your kids in, or what coat to wear, because the weather will be at your fingertips—as you brush your teeth or hop into the shower.

Seura offers a wide range of customized options to suit your needs. These smart mirrors seamlessly incorporate your preferred smart technology—to suit your lifestyle.

Discover your options by contacting the team at Buday’s Home Electronic Simplified.