Service November 2017
When you open your favorite app or sit down to watch a show on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime do you get a spinning circle instead? UGH!

This breakdown in the connection is caused by an overworked network; which usually happens when everyone is home, streaming on their own devices. And it is only exacerbated if your children have friends over who are also connected to your Wi-Fi.

There is no getting around it: you need a dependable and well-functioning Internet connection. Your phones, tablets, gaming devices, TVs, cameras, garage-door openers, security system, smart locks—all require Internet access. And, the reality is your Internet Service Provider can only deliver a fixed amount of bandwidth to your home.

Good News: There is a Solution!

If you are tired of an unreliable and sluggish network, we have the answer. The first step is to have the network and equipment in your home analyzed by a professional from Buday’s Home Electronics Simplified. Our diagnosis will determine the culprit. Maybe it is a poorly designed network of wiring and equipment, or maybe some of the equipment is not engineered to support all of the network activity in the home. Some equipment simply does not have the horsepower to handle everything it should during peak utilization.

The second step, is for Buday’s to explain the cause and provide a solution. Our guarantee is that after we have designed and installed a system customized to your needs, using standard network protocols and equipment that is engineered to actually work during peak times in today’s connected home, you will experience seamless wireless roaming, far less spooling when streaming a video service, and improved wireless and wired performance for your computers.

Finally, because peace of mind is priceless and sometimes life happens, we remotely monitor the systems we install. If there is an issue with the strength of your Internet service, our office receives an alert that allows us to remotely login and troubleshoot. We will determine if the glitch is caused by the Internet Service Provider or the equipment. If it is the equipment, our technical support is only a phone call away.

Be Prepared
Before the cold weather sets in and everyone is home for the holidays, contact Buday’s at 269-492-1008 to schedule an in-home consultation. From the analysis, we will detail a road map for optimizing the wired and wireless performance within you home and design and install a network infrastructure that optimizes the bandwidth utilization in your home, based on your demands and priorities.

Ahh … no more spinning wheels!

If you’re tired of sluggish internet service, contact us today. We can help!