You’ve seen the ads of people controlling the security cameras, lighting, and climate systems in their homes by using their phones or laptops. What isn’t shown is their frustration when the different apps and devices don’t work as promised or expected.

Live Smarter

Enjoy the tranquility and ease-of-use of one seamless app that controls shades, lighting, and music throughout your home.

Automate your Home

Your home doesn’t have to be new to be smart. The reliable, easy-to-use technology Buday’s installs in existing homes is designed to fit your lifestyle. That’s smart.

Live Smarter Live Smarter






Use your phone, tablet, or laptop to listen to music in any room, monitor the climate and lighting, and see who is at the front door.

Elegant and Seamless Access

Imagine using only one app to control door cameras, lighting, shades, the entertainment system, and climate inside your home or cottage. And even outdoors on the patio, by the pool, or in the yard.

Live Smarter

The controls in this room are wireless and hidden; just like the TV inside an elegant frame that matches the room’s decor.

Simplify your home.

Smart home technology is meant to simplify your life. Not make it more complicated. Imagine:

Scenario 1: Set a “Good Morning” feature for six a.m., Monday through Friday, that includes the temperature of your home rising or lowering to your desired preference; bathroom lights softly and slowly turning on; the towel warmer being activated; the news channel or other media of choice appears on the screen in the bathroom mirror; and the coffeemaker turns on in the kitchen. Without touching a button, fifteen minutes later, a pathway of lights is illuminated to guide you to the kitchen for your first cup of coffee.

Live Smarter

Check the weather and emails or catch a news or sports update while you shave, shower, or apply your makeup.

Scenario 2: Say, “Alexa, goodnight” and the music and TV systems are silenced, doors lock, the garage door is closed, lights and window shades are in the mode you wish, security system is activated, and heating/air conditioning is adjusted for the night.

Live Smarter

A single-button control at your bedside readies your home for the night.


Technology that enhances the beauty of your home’s decor. No more clutter of remotes, ugly wall controls, and tangles of wires. Automatically control window shades to save furnishings from damaging ultraviolet sunrays. Hit “Evening Party” and watch the lighting change and hear background music come on.  Indulge in a TV that hides behind artwork, inside the footboard of your bed, or in a credenza.

Live Smarter Live Smarter






Sliding artwork hides a TV above the mantle. Endless possibilities for new and existing homes.

Interested in upgrading your Smart Home Automation system or creating a new system for your home? Contact us today and we’ll help you get started.