Upgrade Home Electronics December 2017 | Fresh Pressed Juice December Article
So, the big dude in the red suit risked life and limb scurrying down your chimney to drop a new 4K Apple TV or Xbox One X in your stocking this year. Lucky you! You’ll be rewarded with some pretty spectacular video, and all manner of other great stuff, but…..

Yes, there’s one of those. Come on, you knew there would be. It turns out we were wrong. No, really, it happens occasionally. We’ve blathered on here about your network’s importance over the years, but it turns out we really understated its significance.

Now that virtually every TV is 4K, and many other boxes that plug in to it are too, it’s like trying to pour a river through a straw. There’s more 4k content available, with more and more arriving every day. Compounding matters, everything from baby cameras to your Tesla hogs your network’s bandwidth. Then, there’s the pachyderm hanging out on your Florence Knoll…..

2nd screening, and it’s even more bandwidth intensive cousin, 3rd screening, has taken our lives by storm, and due to all the HD video, it’s worse for your network than we’d have believed. Raise your hand if no one in your family has ever watched TV, while doing Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat on their phone, and simultaneously checking out YouTube or Netflix on their tablet…… Come on, we’re all becoming media multi-taskers.

Attention demands aside, what’s really taxed is our home networks. It’s more and more likely that your main screen is showing some form of streaming content, whether via on-board widgets, or a connection to an AppleTV, Roku, or BluRay player that delivers streaming content. There’s an excellent possibility that is in network-crippling 4k. Now, add to that the fact that your mobile devices and laptop only show streaming content.

Ultimate Frustration Exercise
If you thought we’d maybe forgotten video gaming, no such luck! We just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. With online gaming, it’s not so much the absolute bandwidth, but latency that can be a real problem. In plain terms, latency is the time from when your kid pressed “fire” on their gaming controller, and then howled in frustration because they got hit, even though they fired first. Gamers call it lagging, but whatever… it’s another way that your network can throw a wrench in the works if it’s not buttoned down.

You can see what’s driving the bandwidth bus that’s bringing your network to its knees. It’s simple math. More stuff on at the same time, and nearly every one of those things is demanding far more from your poor, overtaxed network than it did only a few years ago.

New Internet Connection Auto-Fixes Keep You Off Your Knees
Sometimes the problem is your Internet connection. Ever had to crawl back in the closet, or trek down to the mechanical room to unplug your modem and restart it? We can relate. Now there are ways to lessen your pain.

The latest power solutions monitor your Internet connection. When they detect a lost connection, they automatically power cycle your modem. Viola!! Internet connection restored, and you didn’t have to lift a finger.

There are ways to stop the choppy video, spinning progress bars, and interminable wait for the next page to load, and we’ve seen most of them. It may be your Internet service connection, service package, or internal network. Because of the number of variables involved, there’s no on-size-fits-all solution. We need a look. That being said, smooth sailing is likely just around the corner.

Life in the Fast Lane…..

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