Window TreatmentsTechnology to The Rescue Again!

It’s HOT right now. Just check outside. Ask your AC; it’s working OT in a big way, struggling to keep up. Just check your power bill. It’s probably not pretty.

Preventing as much heat from getting inside your humble abode in the first place is one of the best ways to give your poor AC system some help. If you aren’t rockin’ the AC, it’s more important than ever to keep the heat out, because you’re sure not getting rid of it once it’s snuck inside.

That’s probably why we’ve been fielding more than the usual number of calls for window treatments this summer. They help keep the heat at bay. There have been some pretty sweet developments on the window treatment front too.

Cool Window Covering News, Even With No Wires!

First of all, most people want the ease and magic of motorized window treatments. No chain yankin’ for these folks! That’s meant either running wires during construction, or messy and time consuming retrofits. Motorized windows have so many advantages that many people without the wiring in place just ignore the hassle and have them installed anyway.

Fortunately, technology just keeps marching on. Recent advances mean that you can now have designer motorized window treatments in a large variety of styles and colors…. even if you don’t have any wiring! No, really, it’s true! Motor technology has improved leaps and bounds. Thank that Tesla in your garage.

Electric and hybrid vehicles continue to drive electric motor technology to new heights. What that means for motorized shades is that long-life, battery powered shades are now a reality.

Not only are they here, they’re virtually indistinguishable in appearance and function from wired shades or blinds. Unless you can’t resist the urge to show off your new motorized shades to everyone, 24/7, the batteries last for years. Super cool! (in more ways than one)

Of course, wired motorized shades continue to be popular, but if you have the ability to connect them to a bit of old-fashioned copper, you’ll have virtually limitless options, many of them completely silent.

Really, the first time we installed some silent roller shades, they were being lowered and we had our backs turned. Thinking they weren’t working, we swung around, only to gasp in amazement as we discovered they were, indeed, moving down. Very nice!

If one of the myriad roller shades don’t fit with your or your designer’s vision, there are honeycomb, Roman shades, and drapes that can all give you motorized convenience.

There are myriad control options, so you can take command the way that best suits your lifestyle and décor. Whether they do your bidding from a remote, keypad, or as part of an automated scene, they’ll do more than just help keep the heat away and bring some privacy. Blinds also help keep your beautiful hardwood floors and designer furniture fade-free. (and all be can be completely automatic).

There are so many options when it comes to window treatments it makes your head spin. One of our talents happens to be head deceleration, so we can help you sort through everything and help make sure you have exactly what you want.

Drop us a line and let’s talk. If nothing else, we’d love to catch up.

Careers That Didn’t Exist Only 20 Years Ago

When your kids are trying to decide what career path to choose, they’ll have options that weren’t afforded to those entering the work force only 20 years ago. You’ll notice some common threads.

App Developer – You may be reading this on a smart phone now. If you are, thank an app developer, the people that cook up the ways we are entertained, work, and consume content on mobile devices.

Digital Marketer – Marketers go where the customers are, and increasingly customers are online. Algorithms and data analytics, combined with digital content delivery help brands deliver more relevant marketing to consumers.

You Tuber – Although the idea seemed laughable to many just a decade ago, thousands now make reasonably good livings from their YouTube channels. Covering niche content varying from automotive, to cosmetics, to stunts of questionable judgement, over 8,000 YouTube channels boast 1 million+ subscribers as of Jan, 2019.

Rideshare Driver – While Uber and Lyft drivers may be recent career choices, they may well be a short-lived career, too. Many pundits predict driverless vehicle fleets will replace human driven rideshare transportation within the next 20 years.

Window Treatments

Remember, our passion is making life easier and more fun for you! There are so many ways to do that now, it can get a little confusing. We’ll help you sort it all out. We love this stuff!

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