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Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Get Your Home Ready for the HolidaysThe connected world in which we live—especially our dependence on the internet for fast, uninterrupted service—requires forethought and planning; especially before family and guests arrive for the holidays.


Avoid the embarrassment of treating your guests to spinning circles instead of smooth streaming movies, sports, and videos. Nothing is more frustrating or awkward than a connection that doesn’t perform.

Also, have you considered an alternative to allowing your guests to log-in to your personal network? You know anyone who enters your home will expect the password so they can access the wi-fi. Be prepared: contact the professionals at Buday’s. We will make sure your network is performing at its optimum level and is ready to handle the influx of users this holiday season.


Let’s be honest: how well is your music system working? Have you patched it and “upgraded” it so many times that the cords, wires, and commands require a lot of patience and an engineering degree? Imagine easy control and access to your favorite music, so you can listen where and when you want—wherever you are in your home—without tripping over wires or the desire to curse! Imagine speakers attractively and strategically placed so they no longer ruin the décor. Contact Buday’s to learn what is available and how we can properly upgrade the technology in your home so everyone is happy—especially YOU!


The holidays are all about ENTERTAINMENT: watching movies and sports, and gaming. Are you ready to get rid of the nightmare caused by dangling cables, tangled cords, and multiple remotes? Our high-performance TVs and theater systems can be melded into your existing equipment and living spaces, for optimal performance and enjoyment. For the best sound and video technology, and to simplify the operations, contact Buday’s, before the kids come home and the guests arrive!

Automation System Tune-Up

Does your smart home automation need some adjusting? Are the time-based lights turning on and off as needed? What about the thermostats? Is your home warm when you want it to be? Are the smart locks on the doors working properly? It might be time for a holiday tune-up. Contact Buday’s today.

Need help getting your home ready for the Holidays? Fill out the contact form below and we will reach to see how we can help!