It’s Show Time! (September 2019) | Fresh Juice Article

Dateline, Denver -Things are happening in the world of electronic fun and convenience. This month marked the 2019 CEDIA Expo, a huge affair where 20,000 custom A/V industry pros gather to see what’s new, cool and different in our world. Roughly 500 exhibitors packed the Denver’s Colorado Convention Center.

There’s definitely some new stuff coming down the pike. You’ve probably gotten a whiff of 8k TVs already, but there’s plenty of other stuff, too.

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Life is Just a Fantasy (August 2019) | Fresh Juice Article

Inasmuch as the NFL and NCAA has made football into a year round sport, it’s back, and for real. The NFL preseason is underway, college teams are grinding through camp towards the first kickoff, and Texas high school programs are ready to play in palaces that dwarf most Division 2 college digs.

Really, most high school players move on to play on Saturdays enjoy larger facilities and bigger crowds. On the other hand, plenty of Texas high school football recruits who play college ball will actually take a step back in those regards. So, what are most Americans doing to get ready for the season?

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Here Comes The Sun…And You Can Turn It Off (July 2019) | Fresh Juice Article

Window Treatments

It’s HOT right now. Just check outside. Ask your AC; it’s working OT in a big way, struggling to keep up. Just check your power bill. It’s probably not pretty.

Preventing as much heat from getting inside your humble abode in the first place is one of the best ways to give your poor AC system some help. If you aren’t rockin’ the AC, it’s more important than ever to keep the heat out, because you’re sure not getting rid of it once it’s snuck inside.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (June 2019) | Latest Technology

The queen in Snow White had nothing when it comes to smart mirrors.

Today’s smart home technology allows you to check so much more than “who’s the fairest of them all”—like the weather, news, emails, and other online sources from the convenience of your bathroom mirror.

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What You’ve Always Wanted (May 2019) | Fresh Juice Article

New Tech Delivers

Technology to The Rescue Again! Tech hath wrought so many miracles. They’ve improved our lives in so many ways. What are you reading this on now? A sleek laptop, or maybe a smart phone that can do everything from tell you tomorrow’s weather in Singapore or show your kid’s latest baseball videos in pristine HD…

In any case, tech has improved our lives in so many ways.

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The Horizon Gets Closer Every Day (April 2019) | Fresh Juice Article

As a quick follow up to last month’s piece on outdoor entertainment; a new industry survey revealed that 63% of custom integrators (Yep, that’s what they call us) expect a significant increase in their outdoor installations this year. The reason is simple.

People are looking for more entertainment options at home and new ways they can enjoy their outdoor spaces. That’s led to the cool, new stuff we discussed last time.

All righty then, what are the tech and entertainment trends that will be improving your life moving forward in the coming months and years?

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Enjoying The Sun And Stars More Than Ever (March 2019) | Fresh Juice Article

Thinking about your backyard, the deck, maybe the pool, and tossing in some technology just off the family room? Typically that’s a modest lift financially, but has explosive rewards in a family’s lifestyle, comradery, and alleviates anxiety better than one of those cold beverages you’ll be enjoying out there.

Enjoyment is the name of the game, whether it’s just you, a cool breeze and your iPAD; a ballgame and BBQ on the terrace after work; or a pool party on the weekend. Every year we’re amazed by how many more ways people find to enjoy their outdoor spaces. More often than not, music and media is a part of all the fun. Here some great ideas and things to watch out for in your outdoor entertainment space this year.

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You Can’t Google Your Way Out of This One (February 2019) | Fresh Juice Article

You Can't Google Your Way Out of This One

Life’s a balance; an edge between competing interests and desires. How much of one do you want to sacrifice for its brethren on the coin’s other side? We encounter this daily, as folks with beautiful homes wrestle with the question of décor vs audio-video realism.

What, if anything, do you want to give up in the quest for goose-bump inducing music and media? Must you? As with many questions, the answer boils down to a resounding “it depends”. The question is often followed by variations of “But I’m not an audiophile” or “Wow, that looks pretty good already!”

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Thinking Through Future Tech At CES (January 2019) | Fresh Juice Article

CES 2019






Welcome to the new year, we have been through generations of technology cycles with many of you. Perhaps you were one of the very few that look longingly nostalgic at old Nakamichi cassette brochures? (For those of that did not live through the Vietnam war, Nak was the preeminent performance cassette player).

The technology industry just completed the annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas to experience the future… much of this bloated, massive show has not changed, like taxi lines and $288 dollar-per-night Motel 6 prices.

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Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays (November 2018) | Holidays

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

The connected world in which we live—especially our dependence on the internet for fast, uninterrupted service—requires forethought and planning; especially before family and guests arrive for the holidays.


Avoid the embarrassment of treating your guests to spinning circles instead of smooth streaming movies, sports, and videos. Nothing is more frustrating or awkward than a connection that doesn’t perform.

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What Is Automation, Really? (November 2018) | Fresh Juice Article

What Is Automation, Really?

Without lifting a finger, you’ll never leave lights on or shades open again. You drive away, and when you get a set distance from your home, your home goes to “away” mode. Your security alarm sets, lights turn off, and shades drop, even if you rushed out to the kids’ soccer practice and forgot. You don’t even have to press a button or say anything. Pretty 21st century, huh?

Really, it is. A new technology called “geofencing” takes care of it all for you. It lets your home control system know when you’ve gone a set distance from your home and take whatever action you want. Left the coffee on again? Not anymore; it’s off, too. It works in reverse too. When you’re arriving home the lights come on, your favorite music plays and welcomes you home.

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Meet the Masters (October 2018) | Music & TV Systems

Z9F Series Flat Panel TV

Just when you think you’ve seen it all—a leader steps up and moves the bar even higher. That’s what Sony has done with its new Z9F series of XBR flat panel TVs. For homeowners looking to upgrade or add a main viewing TV, this TV is the one to consider.

The picture-quality enhancements on these models blew my mind—and I’m not easily impressed!

Ideal for recreation rooms and large, open great rooms, the color accuracy, viewing angles, contrast, and motion-handling capabilities make Sony’s Z9F an incredible TV. No question about it: no matter what you like to watch, the MASTER Series TV delivers the best picture quality.

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Looking Beyond The Horizon (October 2018) | Fresh Juice Article

Looking Beyond The Horizon

We keep expecting to see George and Jane zip by in a sky car. It’s the future, you know, and many of the Orbit City developments The Jetsons enjoyed have come to fruition, along with a few they couldn’t predict back in 1962, when the cartoon debuted.

You can’t fault Mr’s Hanna and Barbera though; Few could have realized that while we wouldn’t be living among the stars in 2018, we would regularly use technologies they depicted, such as voice control.

With the advent of self-driving cars, albeit in only 2 dimensions, we’re one step closer to realizing their dream. In fact, there are several Jetsons’ (Jetsonz, in 2018?) innovations you’ll likely see in your home soon, if you haven’t already.

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Live Smarter (May 2018) | Smart Home Automation

You’ve seen the ads of people controlling the security cameras, lighting, and climate systems in their homes by using their phones or laptops. What isn’t shown is their frustration when the different apps and devices don’t work as promised or expected.

Enjoy the tranquility and ease-of-use of one seamless app that controls shades, lighting, and music throughout your home.

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There’s a Storm Coming (May 2018) | Fresh Juice Article

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Into Every Life, a Little Rain Must Fall

As temps finally start to rise and we leave winter behind (finally!), there are two storms brewing that can put a stick in your power. The first may bring rain drops and maybe a bolt from the sky. The second, well, we are creatures of comfort; as the heat rises (finally) so does AC use in homes and businesses. All that AC use is a massive power grid drain, and can cause issues for your electronics, even if your own AC is working fine.

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It’s Time to Relax Outside (April 2018) | Music & TV Systems

Music and TV Systems

Is your outdoor living space ready for summer? Plan ahead to get the most enjoyment from your home this year—from creative cooking and dining spaces, entertaining guests poolside or on the dock, listening to music in the yard or on the deck, and even while you garden.

Outdoor living is here to stay…

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We’re Finally Back Outside Again (April 2018) | Fresh Juice Article

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Contrary to what some reports indicated recently, the sun rose again this morning. Even better now is that it rose earlier than yesterday, and you know what that means… Summer’s coming! We’ll be blessed with longer days, and more time outside in the yard, on the deck, and around the pool.

Fortunately, that outdoor time can include all the favorite media you love, and you won’t need to jack in some of those infernal earbuds to do it. Besides, music and sports are meant to be enjoyed with family and friends, together. Although people now text (or Snap, depending on their age), instead of talking, yanking those silly-looking dongles from their ears, and throwing on some music everyone can enjoy together really livens things up.

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What is Best for Your Home, a Private Theater or a Media Room? (March 2018) | Home Theaters

A private theater is a dedicated room specifically designed to deliver the ultimate experience—superbly better than what a public cinema or stadium can offer. It is a customized space that delivers subtle audio nuances and stunning, lifelike video.

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My Stuff Stopped Working… (March 2018) | Fresh Juice Article

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We are in a new era in the way things work together…. or sometimes don’t! Your mobile apps talk to your music system, car, thermostats, and even your refrigerator these days.

Nearly everything that uses power has an operating system now, not just your computer. WiFi is pervasive and connects to seemingly everything. While that’s brought unbridled convenience and opportunity, into every life a little rain must fall.

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Get the most from Alexa… (December 2017) | Smart Home Automation

Amazon Echo

Many people hope to receive an Amazon Echo this holiday season–the most popular voice-control device on the market. Although it’s true that Alexa can make life easier, if you don’t know how to get the most from voice control, you could be missing out. Learn how to get maximum enjoyment from your Amazon Echo by contacting Buday’s. We will show you how to combine the right mix of home entertainment and smart devices so you acquire ultimate convenience and control. Life should be simpler. Let Buday’s help you enjoy more entertainment options, simplify routine tasks, and make better use of your home’s technology–to enhance your living experience.

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How to Get Out of the SLOW Lane (December 2017) | Fresh Juice Article

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So, the big dude in the red suit risked life and limb scurrying down your chimney to drop a new 4K Apple TV or Xbox One X in your stocking this year. Lucky you! You’ll be rewarded with some pretty spectacular video, and all manner of other great stuff, but….. Yes, there’s one of those. Come on, you knew there would be. It turns out we were wrong. No, really, it happens occasionally. We’ve blathered on here about your network’s importance over the years, but it turns out we really understated its significance. How? Now that virtually every TV is 4K, and many other boxes that plug in to it are too, it’s like trying to pour a river through a straw. There’s more 4k content available, with more and more arriving every day. Compounding matters, everything from baby cameras to your Tesla hogs your network’s bandwidth.

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Sluggish Internet Service (November 2017) | Budays Articles

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When you open your favorite app or sit down to watch a show on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime do you get a spinning circle instead? UGH! This breakdown in the connection is caused by an overworked network; which usually happens when everyone is home, streaming on their own devices. And it is only exacerbated if your children have friends over who are also connected to your Wi-Fi. There is no getting around it: you need a dependable and well-functioning Internet connection. Your phones, tablets, gaming devices, TVs, cameras, garage-door openers, security system, smart locks—all require Internet access. And, the reality is your Internet Service Provider can only deliver a fixed amount of bandwidth to your home. Good News: There is a Solution!

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Bigger, Badder, Better (November 2017) | Fresh Juice Article

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Size matters; just ask your…. cruise ship company. Bigger is just more fun. It’s the same for image sizes in your home theater. Larger pictures just have more of, well everything, really. We tend to think of the “big stuff” when it comes to why we’d rather experience our movies and sports on a large screen: more impact, greater excitement. Sometimes though, it’s the small stuff that really makes the difference. Say what? It’s often the subtlety of an actor’s performance that draws you in and creates a veil of believability that makes cinema such a compelling art form. The emotion created there is difficult if not impossible to convey on the postage stamp of a 55” or even 65” TV, especially at the viewing distances typically employed. Sure, they make 85s now, but that’s better for your man cave/sports bar than your theater. We’ll get to why in a minute.

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Bring the Action and Drama Home (September 2017) | Home Theaters

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Relax and unwind while watching the movie or show of your choice. Cheer for your favorite sports teams and dance to the music of a live or taped concert – all from the comfort and privacy of your home. Escaping the hectic pace of everyday life is easy once our professionals help you select the best system for your needs and our experienced technicians finish the installation (in either your new or existing home).

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