Home Theaters September 2017
Relax and unwind while watching the movie or show of your choice. Cheer for your favorite sports teams and dance to the music of a live or taped concert – all from the comfort and privacy of your home.
Escaping the hectic pace of everyday life is easy once our professionals help you select the best system for your needs and our experienced technicians finish the installation (in either your new or existing home).

Sit back and see colors and textures so vivid and hear sound so crisp and clean you will feel like you are in the theater or stadium. Avoid the hassle of parking, long lines, expensive tickets, and eating concession-stand food. It’s time to live.

Stunning 4K Video
If you appreciate excellence and have not yet experienced a 4K picture, come in and see what people are raving about! The color accuracy, depth, and images provided by the Wolf Cinema projector in our showroom are at a level most people have never experienced – not even at the movie theater. It truly delivers a cinematic, life-changing experience.

Once you see it, you will be transformed.

Clean, Dynamic Audio
Make your entertainment experience more lifelike with a Dolby Atmos audio and speaker system. Added height speakers provide a listening dimension like you’ve never heard before. If you are a theater-audio enthusiast, you will appreciate Michigan-made custom speakers by Leon to enhance your listening experience by delivering pinpointed accuracy.

Digital Movie Rights
An exciting way to purchase movies and concerts is now available. Digital services, like Kaleidescape, make owning programs simple and convenient. Unlike online services like Netflix and Amazon, you actually buy the digital rights, so you will always own that movie or concert. Make an appointment to visit our showroom and experience this amazing new option.

Get rid of the DVDs that clutter your home!

Call Buday’s at 269-492-1008 and schedule your appointment for a private screening. Be transformed and wowed by the power of home theater.

We will supply the refreshments!

Want to add or update a private home theater in your home? Contact us today and we’ll help transform your vision into the real thing.